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Paul Mampilly compares bitcoin to the 1999 stock bubble

“Take caution of the cryptocurrencies,” this is the message of investor Paul Mampilly to fellow investors who have invested heavily in the digital currencies. Paul Mampilly a distinguished analyst of the financial markets compares the cryptocurrencies to the 1999 stocks bubble which exploded leaving many people in the industry hurting from the losses they made.

In 1999, there was a huge increase in the value of stocks associated with technology firms. This led to an increase in the number of people investing in the stocks. There was a mad rush to buy the stocks. The process kept on gaining, bringing many more investors on board. However, the prices did not go up forever. After an impressive rise of even over 2000% for some stocks, the process reached their optimum level and started losing until there was nothing to salvage for many investors.

Why did this happen? According to Paul Mampilly, it happened because stock investors were so emotionally attached to the stocks that they believed the process would never go down. They thought they could milk the markets for a long time. However, this was not the case. The emotional attachment was so bad that instead of investors realizing it was time to sell when the prices went down, they kept buying more hoping the prices would get to the previous high. This did not happen and many investors realized after they had already lost their investment.

Why is the opinion of Paul Mampilly so important? Paul took part in the 1999 investment rush and understands why it flopped. Luckily for him, he exited the market while the prices were still good and made good profits. He realized the stock prices would go down and therefore, there was no need to hold on. One of his friends who did not listen to him even after warning her lost all her investment because she held on even at a time when the stock markets were going down at a fast rate. She could not believe that all her profits were going down the drain. She hoped prices would go up once more but they did not, she ended up losing all her investments.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has demonstrated that he has deep knowledge of the financial markets and therefore cannot be ignored. He has worked in the Wall Street as a hedge fund manager.

Paul Mamplilly takes part in business news TV channels where he gives his analysis of the markets. He is the founder of the “Profits Unlimited” newsletter.

Paul Mamplilly info: forexvestor.com/profits-unlimited-review

Lacey and Larkin — The Worst of Donald Trump

The Trump administration has been on a screeching rail-car out of control threatening to take the entire nation with it to a fiery explosion of hatred and racism. Trump’s inflammatory speech about immigrants and minorities has threatened to derail our great nation. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2014/12/16/proceeds-arpaio-suit-fund-asu-journalism-chair/20480479/

He has rescinded policies put in place by the previous administrations that have served to foster amiable relations with countries overseas. The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has documented these atrocities and listed them among the worst in American history.

The worst act by Donald Trump was his dismantling of the DACA Act in September. This move put the lives of 800,000 immigrants into a spiral. While many have already lost their protected status and working benefits, these families could potentially be deported once the program fully ends in March 2018.

Trump has made it no secret that his priority is to deport undocumented immigrants. Since his inauguration, inland arrests of illegal aliens have gone up 40 percent.

Remember that wall he promised to build? The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund website reports that only eight demonstration pieces have been erected. They’re standing scattered and lonely in the San Diego desert. There are currently no public plans for the project’s completion. On top of building an imaginary wall, Trump placed a travel ban on all Muslims from seven different countries. The ban went through 3 revisions before the Supreme Court allowed it to pass and they are still debating its legality. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Trump has targeted his immigration policy towards all immigrants indiscriminately. His dragnet has affected the lives of children, non-criminals, and DREAMers alike. In order to support his penchant for targeting innocent members of society, Trump has appointed anti-immigrant extremists to his top positions in Washington. They assist him in drafting and passing racist bills.

There are cities in the United States that will bar government employees from asking immigrants about their status. They will also not accept any ICE detainees unless the person committed a serious crime.

These are called sanctuary cities and Trump has threatened to cut as much as $4 billion from the national budget if these cities continue to protect immigrants.

In Arizona, a racist bigot by the name Joe Arpaio was found guilty of contempt of a federal court for racially profiling Latinos. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin spoke out against the presidential pardon Trump awarded the man, but Trump allowed him to go.

Lacey and Larkin are fighting daily to restore our nation to the peaceful place it once was. Help out by checking out the Frontera Fund.

MB2 Dental Is Changing the Dental Industry

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental and an active practitioner. MB2 Dental helps dentists help their peers for the ultimate goal of providing stellar dental care to their patients. They focus on autonomy, which states that dental professionals have a duty to treat the patient according their own wants and needs. This all must be done within the scope of acceptable treatment. MB2 Dental strives to protect a patient’s confidentiality. Dr. Villanueva believes that it is essential for dental practitioners to receive specialized assistance. The goal in mind is for dentists to work together and help each other achieve greatness as individual dentists. MB2 Dental has supported dentists in over 80 different locations across six states. Dr. Chris Villanueva came up with the idea for MB2 Dental after graduating from dental school. He realized dentists only had two options – either start a private practice, or join a large group practice. He wanted practitioners to have the best of both worlds, putting patients care and treatment at the forefront.

MB2 Dental believes that collaborating with others is essential to bringing new ideas to fruition. With the help of MB2 Dental, other practices are able to improve their quality of care for their patients. They can help them implement innovative technology and operating standards. This management company is progressive and familiar with the latest practice trends. They provide an environment where dentists and their peers can learn from each other through their own personal experience. MB2 Dental helps practitioners gain control over how they run their business and can provide insight on overcoming any compliance, legal, marketing, payroll or human resource challenges that could arise. MB2 Dental also treats their dentists to white-water rafting excursions or vacations to Mexico. This allows dentists and practitioners to let off steam with others in the common industry. MB2 Dental was able to raise over $83,000 for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The money helped to rebuild 25 affiliate offices and aid over 250 employees. Still, 87 of their affiliate offices are continuing to raise money until they reach their goal of $100,000, and it’s Website.


Matt Badiali is More Than Just an Editor

Even though Matt Badiali does a lot of work at Banyan Hill Publishing by working with them as an editor, he is more than just that. In fact, he has many different qualities that he uses to make sure he can help people with the issues they are facing. He has always wanted people to realize he is an important part of the society and he is an expert when it comes to energy and even mining for energy. He knows what he is looking for and that’s what has allowed him to travel the world in search of the best opportunities for energy. For more updates, Like the page on Facebook.

When Matt Badiali learns about an energy resource, he will often do whatever it takes to make sure he is getting that resource and is getting things put into place for himself. The ideas he has all go back to what he can do to make things better for people who want to get the most out of energy. He has talked to people around the world about energy opportunities and has then turned them into ideas he can use for different articles on the Banyan Hill Publishing platform.

Since Matt Badiali is someone who likes to be hands-on, he is not afraid to travel to different locations to help people realize there are different opportunities in energy and mining. He has spent a lot of his career just traveling to places around the world. Even when he is trying to make more money, he isn’t afraid to jump in and get things done for the people he is trying to help. All of this has allowed him to make great decisions in his own business and with different options, he has in the industry. Visit Matt Badiali at medium.com to know more.

For Matt Badiali, part of what he does as a businessman is making sure he can help people with the issues they are facing. He has taught them about energy and has shown them how they can make energy work while they are doing different things. Matt Badiali knows what energy requires and has learned so much about the different energy resources people can use. Because of his dedication to the energy industry, Matt Badiali feels it is important to try and make things easier on other people no matter what they are doing or how they are working to provide a positive environment for mining and other energy services they have.

Read this link:https://forexvestor.com/real-wealth-strategist-review

Eli Gershkovitch one of Canada’s Brew Masters

Canada has had a big influence on the global beer community; this is attributed to several brew companies and brewmasters who have emerged in the country to reinvent the way beers are made. One such brew-master is Eli Gershkovitch, the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Group of Companies. His main aim is to revolutionize Canadian beer and put Canada on the map of craft beers (https://www.manta.com/ic/mtqs8v5/ca/gershkovitch-eli-a-law-corporation). He had successfully done this by making up his own brew recipes from1995, an era when craft beer was the last thing on people’s minds.

He is an exceptional businessman who has a casual attitude and a sincere appreciation for freedom. Eli lives by the motto that You either grow and develop to meet market’s expectations or the demand and market expectations will wince to meet you. Through this motto, he has led his company to great heights, and he swears that his company will continue to grow despite the growing competition in the brewing sector.

Steamworks was established in 1995 in Gastown, Vancouver. As time passed by, Eli Gershkovitch expanded his pub to transform and change it to be able to cater for the then growing market. When it was founded the pub had only 184 seats now it has 754 seats. The brewery has also acted as a tourist attraction due to its large size. Steamworks also has numerous restaurants and bars in different locations in Vancouver.

Before founding Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch had traveled to different countries throughout Europe and took a keen observation of the changes taking place in the drinking sector. In Germany, he visited his first microbrewery where he sampled different brewed mixtures, and that was a lot different from what he had tasted in his own country. This was the main inspiration to start his brewing pub several years later.

Today, Steamworks has a large number of mixes available for the public to enjoy. The blends include Steamwork’s Pale, Ale, Lion’s Lager and the newest Flagship IPA. These brews are sold in 14 states in the US and all over Canada. The company has also received numerous tributes and awards over the years including the gold medal at the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards given to the company’s Pumpkin Ale (VancouverFoodster).


Glen Wakeman’s Career in Financial Services, and His Mentorship Program

Glen Wakeman is one of the entrepreneurs who has made a thriving career for themselves. For over 20 years, he worked at GE Capital. While at GE Capital Glen was in charge of over $12 billion in assets, and over 17 000 employees in 9 countries. Glen also lived and worked in many countries in South America, Europe, and Asia (http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/09/13/glen-wakeman-shares-insight/). The job gave him the opportunity to manage big company operations, and to develop his management skills. He also became an expert in business development, as well as harnessing technology to benefit his business interests.


Glen’s Career at GE Capital, and his Startup, LaunchPad


While still at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman was also the CEO and President at Nova Four. it was after several years that he decided to launch his own business, LaunchPad. Nova Four is a startup that helps Glen to give advice and capital to business developers. He also uses the platform to help CEOs who need coaching. His approach while coaching them is to give them tips that can help them avoid some of the common mistakes made by most business leaders.




Glen Wakeman is successful, but he has learned to share his knowledge with others who wish to be like him. He is not only a successful investor but also a writer. He shares his knowledge, and insights on issues surrounding fiscal matters through his blog posts. He also offers his expert advice on management, administration, and strategy (Facebook). Glen is also a mentor to many entrepreneurs who are still in the business development stage. With his passion and experience, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to get their businesses going.

More about Glen Wakeman on LinkedIn and Twitter


Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of Bumble

American entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe Herd was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1989. She is the CEO and founder of Bumble, the newest dating app taking the US by storm. At Southern Methodist University, Whitney Wolfe Herd studied International Studies. She began selling bamboo tote bags at age 19, which benefited the victims affected by the BP oil spill.

Bumble Bee.

Herd started Bumble in December 2014 while at her hometown in Texas. Whitney and Andrey Andreev, Founder of Badoo, started the company together with Andrey owning 79% of the company with Herd holding 20%. Bumble is a dating app in which women initiate the first move first unlike where in most apps, the men initiate contact first. When it was launched, it had over 100,000 downloads in the first month and right now it has over 22 million registered users and growing. The new headquarters for the company is in north Austin, Texas. The office resembles the inside of a gumball machine and quite a looker. With most of the employees female, it has the feel and looks of a feminine touch. Thus it is vibrant and eye-catching.

Bumble ventures.

Bumble BFF was launched in 2016. The platform makes it possible for one to make friends, instead of swiping and matching for dates. It helps one also meet fellow Bumble users and those who are BFF users. This made Bumble the first dating app to venture out of the regular sequence, dating. The company further progressed and added a networking platform called Bumble Bizz. Bumble Bizz is a service that allows you, as a user to make connections in the business world and also get and be a mentor to other people. The primary aim of this mode was to prevent solicited messages from people who you are trying to connect with professionally.

Bumble Bizz allows you, as a user, to see people who are in your geographic location if they are open for mentoring or networking and in the area that you want. A user can upload their resume digitally, skill section and samples of their work. Forbes named Herd as The $1 Billion Queen Bee of Dating Apps in the 2017 December issue of Forbes, on which Mrs. Herd graces the cover.

Personal Life.

The Bumble CEO married her husband, Michael Herd, who is a restaurateur, in Positano, South Italy at the Villa Tre Ville on September 2017. The couple met in 2013 before Christmas while on vacation in Aspen. A mutual friend introduced them, and two years later, Michael proposed at his family ranch in June. The wedding festivities took a whole four days including the day of the special occasion. The days were filled with music from local artists, and boat rides to the cliff from the port and villa and lots of food. Whitney donned an Oscar de la Renta gown and Gianvito Rossi heels, while the groom and his groomsmen all wore tuxedos by Italian menswear line Isaia. The venue was picturesque, on a cliff with the view of the sea and the Positano village.

What’s next for Bumble?

Being the fourth most popular dating app in the world; there has got to be new ideas flowing to make it different from the traditional dating apps. Whitney wants to introduce a new feature for parents who would like to date. This is an idea that has been brought up by members of her team who are parents.

How Rick Smith is Helping the Prisons and Their Administrators

When Rick Smith took on the role of the CEO of Securus, he did not know it would be something he could make into a long-term career. He only wanted to help the company get what they needed and move on to something that would be better. He did know, though, he could do a lot of different things that other CEOs may not have been able to do in the past. It was part of what Rick Smith was tasked with and part of what made him the best he could be. He also knew there would be different ways for him to make Securus that much better without the issues that can sometimes come from the business and from the way he was running things. As long as Rick Smith was putting things together for Securus, he knew he could keep helping them. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

The kiosks were the first major improvement that Rick Smith put into the company. With the kiosks, people could get the help they needed and they could also do everything without the use of a prison guard. They were completely self-service and that cut down on the amount of work the prisons had to do to keep the prisoners getting the options they needed. It was the prison’s way of making things better and giving back to people who had worked there for a long time. It was also a great way for the prison to be sure they were actually helping people instead of struggling to give them what they wanted through different ventures.

Rick Smith Securus had a long history with prison industry companies. He had always wanted to work in the industry and that’s what was important to him. For Rick Smith, this was a big part of his career. It was the way he was going to give back and how he could make a difference for everyone who he had worked with in the past. All of the other companies were just leading up to Securus and how he could actually help those who were running the prisons that he worked with in different areas around the country. Read more at securus.net about Rick Smith Securus.

Even though there were some issues that Rick Smith ran into with the things he was doing, he knew he would need to try other options. He had always done his best to make sure he was helping people and that’s what set him apart from others. While Rick Smith knew there were different things he could do, he also knew he was going to give everyone the best options he had to offer. For Rick Smith, this was a part of the journey and exactly what made him become the best person who was able to help others.

Read: http://cityscene.org/securus-technologies-ceo-rick-smith-cuts-prison-communications-costs/

USHEALTH Group’s Troy McQuagge Wins CEO Of The Year

Troy McQuagge, the chief executive officer of USHEALATH Group, Inc., was voted CEO of the Year and given the gold medal that goes with it at the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards. The One Planet Awards is a prestigious accolades program that recognizes business and professional excellence worldwide in every industry. McQuagge said he was honored to be chosen and felt the award was earned by the entire team at USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Since joining the USHEALTH Group in 2010, Troy McQuagge has greatly improved the company’s fortunes. First, he rebuilt USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s captive distribution agency. That lead to him being elected USHEALTH Group’s president and CEO in 2014. Under his leadership the company has enjoyed unprecedented success in the individual health insurance market. They have had tremendous growth and a dramatic increase in profitability. McQuagge credit’s the staff’s commitment to providing their customers with innovative, affordable coverage for the company’s success. Follow Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

Born in Panama City, Florida, Troy McQuagge is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. While at the school he not only earned a BA in legal studies, he was also an All-American in academics and tennis. After college, McQuagge was hired by the All-State Insurance Company and spent 3 years there. He then spent over 111/2 years with UICI/Health Market where he was president of the agency marketing group before joining USHEALTH. McQuagge’s peers describe him as a master motivator and committed mentor with a humble and grateful attitude in spite of his professional success.

A visionary business leader, Troy McQuagge is always looking for opportunities to give recognition to his employees for their excellence. His ability to help employees recognize and fulfill their true potential has helped him to build exceptional teams throughout his 30 years in the insurance industry. Part of his genius is his skill at clearly articulating the vision for an enterprise and leading his team to unprecedented levels of success. Currently living in Coppell, Texas, McQuagge is well-respected because of his experience and diverse background in insurance. Check this article at insurance.net to know more about Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge’s uncanny drive to help his staff grow personally and professionally, his proactive approach to addressing business challenges and true passion for exceptional customer service, have made him a perfect fit for USHEALTH. The Fort Worth, Texas based company is known throughout the industry for their focus on providing small business owners and self-employed individuals with innovative, affordable health coverage. McQuagge has helped the company reach their goal of combining their agents and employees talents to best serve their customers.

His recognition by the One Planet Awards for his business and professional excellence is a fitting tribute to his many years of hard work and dedication.

Learn more:https://www.ushacareers.com/hope/

Clean Energy with Stream Energy

Steam Energy got started in 2005 by advertising using word of mouth. Stream pays people for referrals. Stream Energy is trying to provide Texans with answers to their climate change problems especially as to how it impacts farming. Stream is a supplier of energy and other life service products in Texas and other states nationwide. Stream has invented green energy programs that attempt to mitigate the drought problems that Texas faces. The 2010 to 2015 drought for example, caused $8.7 billion in agricultural losses alone. Heat waves in the summer are another sign of global warming impacting the region. The official cause of global warming is a build up of green house gases such as carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. Learn more at Weekly Opinion about Stream Energy.

Stream has tried to help with the recovery of Texas from Hurricane Harvey as well. Stream is the largest direct selling company in the world, with many resources as to how to get this and hurricane recovery done. Energy Services from Stream Energy are available in the following states: Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., New York and finally, Illinois. Stream Energy is a multi-level marketing company, whose services are only available in deregulated energy markets. Stream was founded by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki while earning its’ license on January 21st, 2005 from the Public Utilities Commission of Texas. Stream began to provide to customers on March 7th, 2005. Read more at dailyforexreport.com about Stream Energy.

In 2014, Stream Energy merged with one of its branches called Ignite, which also uses the multi-level marketing model. Stream associates earn commission from either selling energy or recruiting associates after a certain minimum of energy customers. The sign up cost in Georgia is $300 with a $25 website maintenance fee. Average income for a Stream Energy associate is $686.90 through at least one commission or bonus payment.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YSoKuwKZ0Q