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Waiakea Water’s Incredible Successes

Waiakea has done a lot of great things when it comes to providing water. They recently announced that the world first 100 percent degradable bottle will be available next year. Its another big step in their companies ambitions and makes sure that they keep their status. In the past they have even won some awards.

Waiakea has a relationship with TimePlast, the first and only patented additive for the nano-degradation of plastic on the planet. Waiakea’s new bottles will degrade 97 percent faster than the average bottle. The bottles are still recyclable, this has started to make sustainable waste management possible.

With most bottles, the plastic will eventually degrade into a carbon-based wax. However, the process takes over a thousand years and our environment will be damaged by then. The TimePlast additives makes sure that the chemical bonds are less complicated. The footprint on the environment is much smaller on the environment.

This process was complicated and lengthy, so the impacts of the products won’t become immediate. It has taken 5 years and over 1,200 scientists to study everything, and make the most ideal chemical compound designed to make less of an impact. Being socially-conscious is an important goal for them.

Waiakea is a Hawaiian brand designed to making water bottles. However their brand has the goal to be more environmentally friendly. The plastic that people litter with hurts the environment for plants and animals. The founder, Ryan Emmons, started the brand 2012, because he felt like the drinking experience was special.

The water source is a volcano near the small town of Hilo and its special. The pH scale ranges from 7.8 to 8.8 which is generally seen as close to neutral. The water has sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and boasting almost the ideal amount of silica to the water.

The artwork on the packing is very colorful. It really has a focus on the natural enjoyment someone gets from drinking. The label on the bottles is very distinct and even lists the pH. The bottle has a blue tint and is big. The factory uses 33 percent renewable energy.

Louis Chenevert is a Legend to Behold

There are few people in business as legendary as Louis Chenevert. This man single-handedly took a million dollar corporation and transformed it to have a massive net worth. The reason he was able to do this is that he discovered what it took to have a solid foundation in business and implemented that at United Technologies Corporation.

Louis began his career by attending HEC Montreal, which is an affiliate of Montreal’s University. Here, he would receive a Bachelors Degree in the profitable market of production management.

Fresh out of college, he was hired by General Motors as a production general manager. It was here that he would work for 14 years. He performed so well in this role that he was approached by Pratt & Whitney to become that company’s president. Even though he knew very little about aircraft engine manufacturing, they knew he was the correct fit.

During his time as president of Pratt & Whitney, he would increase their profit margins by 100% and would set them up as a major player in the business. However, he left Pratt & Whitney to work for the United Technologies Corporation.

In 2006, he became the Chief Executive Officer of UTC. A year later, he also became chairman of the board. He was tasked with research and creation of high technology products, specifically jet engines for the Commercial and Military sectors, and to produce sensors, flight controls, and other aerospace systems.

What raised the United Technologies Corporation above the bar was several key acquisitions that Chenevert made. One of the acquisitions was Otis, the world’s oldest elevator company. Also, he acquired his former company, Pratt & Whitney. The main acquisition that put UTC on the map was the acquisition of Goodrich for 16.3 billion dollars. These business mergers raised the UTC’s estimated value to over $63 billion as the shares would increase 200%.

After his time with United Technologies Corporation, Louis went on to become a consultant with Goldman Sachs in the merchant banking division. Here he would receive an undisclosed compensation in return for his services.

Jason Hope Wants You To Stop Aging

When asked what is something that Jason Hope believes in that no one else on Earth would or could believe in, Jason Hope, Arizona-based mobile communications entrepreneur, responded with this simple statement, “I am most passionate about furthering the research into anti-aging through preventive measures.”

In other words, he is dedicated to reverse the aging process on a cellular level.

Dedicated to his cause of pursuing anti-aging efforts, Jason Hope had sought out to hel the SENS Foundation by donating $500,000 to the SENS Foundation.

“While most organizations focus on curing disease, SENS Foundation goes beyond treatment and uses technology to slow down or reverse the aging process.”

Using the money that he makes from his portfolio of tech companies and the knowledge that he acquired from an MBA from Arizona State University, he would able to understand that he wanted to be at the forefront of biotechnology in order to curb the human aging process.

The end result, which he believes, can be a person who is living 1,000 years in the future.


Efforts in Anti-Aging

While it’s incredibly simple to blankly state that a successful entrepreneur is able to invest in his dream money with earnings he made from his business and his portfolio is on an uncertain path.

Google’s robotic arms are teaching themselves to do things and it’s terrifying https://t.co/nMWTvNoz9v

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 10, 2016

However, how is it that Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation plan to achieve the anti-aging process and massively prolong the human experience?

Rejuvenation biotechnology is the focus of these efforts and according to Jason Hope, the foundation should be solely on rejuvenation rather just curing diseases that are just putting the person in slowly declining quality-of-life, and read full article.

“As we grow older, our natural metabolism slowly wreaks havoc on our bodies, and this is what causes age-related diseases.

What drew Jason Hope to the SENS Foundation is their focus to repair the damage that was cause in a proactive opportunity to prevent the formation of diseases.


Why It’s Important

Jason Hope isn’t the only rich entrepreneur who is excited solely about anti-aging. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are enthusiastic about reverse the aging process that they had donated their own time and money to launch the California Life Company, or more shortly pronounced as “Calico” to change the aging process, and Jason Hope on Facebook.

“I’m invested in the SENS Foundation for a number of reasons, said Hope, “In simplest terms, I believe in their work and understand how essential it is in terms of advancing human medicine. It has the power to completely redefine the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech industries”, said Jason Hope on his reasons why he is so invested with the SENS Foundations and their combined efforts against anti-aging, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

The Importance Of Early Screening: Life Line Screening Offers Preventive Services To The World

Many people do not understand the importance of early health screening. It’s important to go through regular health screening programs so as to stay healthy. Most of the serious health challenges can be managed if detected early. Life Line Screening is an organization that is focused on helping people detect serious issues through non-invasive means. This prevents the conditions from being unmanageable. They are able to provide you with flexible packages. Some of their offers include tests on Plaque, Osteoporosis, Blood Sugar, and Arterial Fibrillation.

How do you prepare for Life Line Screening?

The Life Line Screening services are mostly non-invasive. For this reason, you are not expected to have detailed preparations. For example, you are required to put on an open shirt that is short-sleeved if you are going for a cardiovascular screening. This is with respect to conditions such as Stroke and Aneurysm. Tests like Blood Sugar screening require you to fast at least 12 hours prior to the screening. In going through Stroke screening, you are also expected not to wear lotion, watch, pantyhose or any tight clothing.

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What should you expect During Life Line Screening?

When coming for a Life Line Screening procedure, there are a few things to expect. To begin with, it’s important to first pass by the Welcome Desk for reporting reason. Here you are expected to fill the check-in form and pay for the tests, if applicable. Secondly, you will be directed to the waiting bench and wait to be called in for the tests. Thirdly, the technician will call your name and lead you to the screening lab. Furthermore, you will go through different tests depending on what you had indicated on the check-in form. Some of the tests that are common include blood testing, weight measurement, and bone density screening. Lastly, you will receive your screening results before you leave, or asked to leave an email address for later mailing.

What are the Benefits of Life Line Screening?

The experts at Life Line Screening are able to take you through the results of your test. They will give you options for treatment and management of the conditions detected. The organization is serious about prevention and is able to help you stay away from preventable serious conditions such as stroke.


Overall, Life Line Screening is important for all as the tests are important in preventing and managing serious health concerns. They employ painless and non-invasive technology to offer you the best and safest screening service.

Visit reporterexpert.com for more information about Lifeline Screening.

The Outstanding Contributions of Ricardo Tosto in Brazil’s Economic and Legal System

The Brazilian legal system is one of the trickiest to navigate. For this reason, becoming a lawyer is relatively popular in Brazil. All laws trace their roots to the Brazilian constitution which only came into existence in 1988. Many people are still learning the ins and outs of the system since the constitution has been in place for just three decades. A lawyer will take either five or six years training to be a lawyer before sitting the Brazilian Bar Exam. Upon passing this exam, a lawyer will get licensed and get admission to the bar.

There are some major law firms in Brazil with as many as 500 practicing lawyers and cover a variety of cases. Law firms that specialize in one area usually have few lawyers. At the law firm, a lawyer will get on board as a partner, an associate or an intern. Since clients pay an hourly fee, partners get the highest reward with remuneration depending on the amount of business brought to the firm. Associates earn a salary. To get the lawyer of your choice, make sure to do thorough research and also consider references from friends and previous clients.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the leading practitioners in the Brazilian legal system. He has perfected his trade to become a top strategist in Brazil whose office receives many clients. Ricardo Tosto has in the past worked with many prominent personalities defending them or their companies in numerous cases that caught the attention of the whole country. His previous clients include large global firms, politicians, governments and Not-for-profit organizations and more

Ricardo Tosto has also contributed to the creation of laws that have revolutionized the legal sector and the economy of Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has a law degree from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. He is also a partner at Leite, Tosto, and Barros. Many of Ricardo Tosto’s current associates joined the firm as trainees.

Obsidian Energy Taking The Oil Industry On Another Level

Obsidian Energy Ltd., an oil and natural gas was founded in 1979 with its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which was previously known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd. From 2005 to 2011, the company was a Canadian Royalty Trust and reached a peak market capitalization in January with a north worth of about $ 9.5 billion. Obsidian Energy Ltd. faced a challenge with financial status in 2014 when crude oil pieces fell immensely. As a result, the firm had to sell the majority of its assets for the following two years to cut off on debts.


The firm’s location favors its business as it is found along Western Canadian Sedimentary basin which is among the world’s most extensive petroleum reserves. Their production is supplied from three primary areas in Alberta which include the Peace River Oil Sands, the Pembina Cardium and the Alberta Viking. In 2017, records show the average total production is 31,000 bbl. per day.


Penn West Petroleum Ltd. changed its name to Obsidian Energy on 26th June 2017. After surviving three years of an accounting scandal, commodity price crash and debt crisis it decided to change its name. David French who then took over as the CEO stated that shareholders were asked to approve of changing because it was a new company thus a unique name that does not resemble the old Penn West. See This Article for related information on the company.


This change was a transformation for Obsidian Energy, and it would run under three principles which include the relentless pursuit of progress and innovation, disciplined technical and commercial decision-making to build and protect enterprise value and accountable and transparent efforts with shareholders, the communities, and partners.


David French added that Obsidian Energy consists of right assets and an incredible hedging strategy that allows the firm to set measures for better performance in lower price environments. Some of the other resolutions that were approved by shareholders were an appointment of the auditor, election of directors, non-binding advisory vote on the corporation’s approach to executive compensation, approval of the reduction of share capital of accounting purposes and approval of an amendment to restricted share unit plan. Obsidian is positive about taking the oil industry to another level with its new transformations that will benefit the Canadian market.


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Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Changes Name To Obsidian Energy Ltd.

Formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd., one of the key players in the energy field in Canada underwent a name change on June 26, 2017, and became Obsidian Energy Ltd. The company’s shareholders voted 92 percent in favor of the change. The name choice itself is actually is closely tied to the fact that obsidian is actually a type of volcanic glass that is naturally-occurring and can be honed and sharpened, much like the new and improved emerging Obsidian Energy. The company is a Canadian gas and oil producer that is considered to be intermediate in size. Obsidian has a portfolio that is well-balanced and includes many high-quality assets. The company produces approximately 30,000 boe (Barrel of Oil Equivalent) daily as per their 2017 projections.


Three Basic Obsidian Principles

Through their never-ending entrepreneurial spirit and serious attention to their bottom-line results, the people at Obsidian Energy have been successful at building the company into what it is today. And, that is a Canadian company based in Alberta with three basic principles, according to Obsidian’s President/CEO, David French, in a recent statement. Those three principles are namely:


  1. A relentless pursuit of innovation and progress,
  2. Highly disciplined decision-making processes, both technically and commercially, for building and protecting the company’s enterprise value,
  3. Efforts aimed at their shareholders and partners, [as well as within the specific communities where they operate], to always maintain their accountability and transparency.


Read This Article for more information about the company.


Wells Throughout Western Canada

Obsidian Energy is now an energy company that is well-positioned within their field with a prudent strategy for hedging, proper assets, and a balance sheet that continues to be healthy and that will allow. These aspects of their corporate structure are allowing the company as a whole to set high-performance standards even in environments that are lower in price. Founded in 1979, Obsidian Energy Ltd. is traded publicly as TSX: OBE and OBE on the New York Stock Exchange. They currently employ 300 employees at their headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and have gas and oil wells throughout western Canada.


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National Steel car- Its Growth Under The Leadership Of Gregory Aziz

National Steel car is one of the oldest engineering and manufacturing companies in North America. National steel car is a company that was initially formed under the National Industries Inc. it was formed in 1912. It was managed by Sir Morison and Basil Magor who was the first general manager of the corporation. National steel car changed its name to national steel car limited in 1919. National steel car started its production activities on a high note after it received huge orders from the railway’s corporations such as the Pacific Railways at the time. The managers of the company ensured that they plowed back the revenue they collected from the orders to more investments in the company. He made national steel car one of the best-performing companies at the time.



The company continued with is good performance through the 1920s. The first challenge that it faced came in the 1930s when it faced a shortage of orders. The management of the company was forced to which resort back to manufacturing other products so that it could maintain its operations. In 1962 the company was out under a new management of Dofasco. Dofasco then led the company up to 1994 when Gregory Aziz bought the firm.


When national steel car was put under the management of Greg Aziz, he ensured that its production capacity improved. He pumped in money that was used to introduce new technology in the company. Greg Aziz created an environment that made it possible for the company to revitalize its production capability.



National Steel Car is ISO certified. ISO certification means that the company is engaging in good production methods. The company has also won the TTX SECO awards for best quality products. National steel car won this prize for 13 years consecutively. The production capacity of the company has also improved greatly. Just after a few years of his management, the company was producing more than 12500 cars annually. This was a huge improvement since under the previous management, it was producing less than 3500 cars. The companies also employed more workers after the expansion of its production activities. The number of workers grew from about less than 600 to over 2500 workers. Click Here For More Info.



About Gregory Aziz


Gregory James Aziz went to the University of Western Ontario where he received a degree in economics. He graduated in 1971 and assisted his parents in growing a foods business which was supplying fresh products In Canada and parts of the United States.


Check Aziz’s profile in Facebook.

Gregory Aziz Discloses What Makes National Steel Car Successful

Gregory James Aziz is the President, Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, a railroad freight car manufacturing company based in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory J Aziz was born on the 30th day of April 1949 in London, Ontario. He attended Ridley College, Gregory later joined the University of Western Ontario where he studied economics

In his earlier 20s, Gregory J Aziz who was passionate about the food market industry joined a food company that was owned by family members. Gregory Aziz assisted their company whose main purpose was to supply major fresh food to Europe and United States to be one of the biggest.


In the late 80s and early 90s Gregory J Aziz invested in the banking sector. This investment yielded handsome profits. He took advantage of a business opportunity in railroad freight car manufacturing a business which was unexploited in North America and purchased National Steel Car Company from Dofasco with an aim of making it the best.


Through team work and qualified engineering experts he was able to improve his car manufacturing from 3500 cars annually in 1994 to 12000 cars per year in 1999. During that time National Steel Company provided jobs to more than 2000 people. Read More Information Here.


Currently National Steel Car builds thousands of railroad freight cars annually. This is thanks to their sustained effort in innovation, in both design and manufacturing expertise with a conscious and deliberate endeavor of staying at the top.

National Steel Car’s Corporate Social Responsibility involves a number of programs aimed at making the society especially the communities surrounding its factories a better place. Some of the programs include sponsoring a number of events such as the Hamilton Opera and Theatre Aquarius. National Steel Car also supports the Salvation Army and also the United Way among other numerous local charity programs. At the end of every year, especially during Christmas time, National Steel Car invites its employees both former and current, to come with their families to attend the Company’s Christmas Party. The party provides a major platform for the National Steel Car company family to participate in food drives for food banks situated within.


Greg and his wife Irene are also great supporters of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This is one of Canada’s most celebrated agricultural fairs. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is held in the city of Toronto in November every single year. The fair showcases the very best in agriculture, local food and a number of competitions from around the country.

Read More: https://www.behance.net/greg-aziz


Christopher Burch is the founder and current CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a firm that handles venture investment and development of brands. He has been a leading investor and entrepreneur in many companies. Mr. Burch is also one of the co-founders of Tory Burch LLC and has contributed to the rise of multiple technologies and luxury brands including Jawbone, Voss water, Faena hotel+ universe and Poppin. He is famously known for applying imagination and creativity to his names to create a long-term positive impact on the customers. His company supports the development of various lifestyles and consumer product brands with a wide range.

Mr. Burch started his entrepreneurial journey in 1976 while he was a college student. He was one of the early investors of internet capital group. He relied on his ability to distinguish between innovation and implementation, his knowledge of understanding consumer behavior and experience in employing advanced sourcing infrastructure to realize extraordinary success. Mr. Burch has also invested in local and international real estate business, including the development of luxury homes. For a related topic, hit this link on architecturaldigest.com.  He has contributed funding toward philanthropic initiatives and research at various organizations and participated in the rise of more than 50 companies.

According to Chris Burch, every entrepreneur or business owner wants to produce the best for the clients which can be achieved through communication with the clients during the process, learning what to prioritize and delegate, doing sufficient research, knowing your limits and leaning on your resources. His most important message to other business owners is that everyone makes mistakes and if you learn from them they can make you successful.

Chris Burch gives entrepreneurs tips on how to retain customers and keep your business flowing.  Click on entrepreneur.com for more of his views.  Building a brand is the first step to success, differentiate yourself from other by developing a unique name. Craft an online profession presence by creating a LinkedIn profile with complete details. Always present yourself well on paper and dress for success. He also says an entrepreneur should build his or her brand to help them learn more and express themselves in real life. It’s also vital for businesses to create labels for their CEOs. Creative productivity also helps in the gaining of customers, and to achieve this; a company should work and grow together as a team by listening to everyone’s ideas and taking notes while producing. Mr. Burch always motivates young entrepreneurs especially those still in college by giving them ideas on how to start up a business, tips revolving around the resources and how to use them while in school to be successful.  To learn more about his innovative products, hop over to this.

For the latest releases on their new and follow on investment, hit fhttps://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/burch-creative-capital-announces-new-and-follow-on-investments-to-founder-chris-burchs-portfolio-300389216.html