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Equities First Cites a New Trend in Financing- Stock-Based Loans

Stock-based loans and margin loans are gaining traction as more lenders require excellent credit scores and other strict criteria to qualify for personal loans. Equities First, an industry leader in alternative financing solutions, sees the trend continuing as more and more borrowers need to raise quick capital in a tight lending market. According to the company, most stock-based loans have higher loan-to-value ratios and the loans offer low fixed interest rates. When borrowers qualify for stock-based loans, they use stock in existing investment portfolios as collateral for the loans.

One of the added incentives for borrowers according to Equities First is the ability of borrowers to walk away from their personal loans at any time. The incentive is known as a nonrecourse feature allowing borrowers to keep the loans initial proceeds while eliminating all loan obligations to the lender. Another added feature is borrowers can use the proceeds from the loans for any purpose. Some stock-based loans offer interest rates as low as 4 to 5 percent with LTVs ranging from 50 to 75 percent.

Equities First Holdings specializes in stock-based loans and is known throughout Australia for its alternative financing solutions. For the past 14 years, the organization has helped clients with loan solutions that meet their capital needs. The company helps clients from all over the world, including the United States, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Sydney. With over 40 million in managed assets, the company helps startups and small-business owners raise quick capital without struggling to qualify for traditional financing.

More visit: http://www.equitiesfirst.com/

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, One Of The Purest

There are so many products out there and bottled water is no different. There are big name brands that you probably have seen on the shelves forever. There also are brands you may of never heard of. According to Forbes, one of the newer bottled waters on the market is none other than Waiakea Water. This is no ordinary drinking water, it’s filtered through a volcano!

Founder Ryan Emmons wanted to create a business that was socially conscious and environmentally friendly, so he launched Waiakea Water in 2012. He was only 22 at the time. There are a lot of bottled waters that are just filtered city water posing as spring water. Also the waste and pollution accumulated from making the bottles can be incredible wasteful and expensive. Waiakea water is bottled at the source.

The water is gathered from snowfall and rain from the active Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. This delicious and refreshing water is rich in minerals that include: potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It is good for nails, skin, and hair. It is also alkaline and electrolyte rich which helps fight osteoporosis and reduce the symptoms of acid reflux.

The water bottles are made of 100% recycled bottles and it take far less energy to produce them, about 85% less. The source it’s bottled from replenishes in just 30 days, so it is not being depleted. You can take pride in knowing that the Waiakea springs water you purchased is better for the environment. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.aquagrade.com/bottle/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water/

To top of the cherry, Waiakea Water gives back to humanity. Every bottle of water purchased 650ML of clean water is given to communities that lack clean drinking water. They have already given 500 million liters of water to disadvantaged communities in Africa.

Now that’s progress to be proud of! The company is planning on expanding to four new countries in two new continents. May they be an inspiration for other entrepreneurs and business people to follow suit. Make a quality product that doesn’t hurt the earth and gives back to the community.

How Troy McQuagge and USHAELTH Group Inc were able to win the One Planet Award

Tory McQuagge is currently the USHEALTH Groups President after joining the working force in 2010. He gradually worked his way to the top for nearly four years since joining the firm. What enabled him promoted to be the company’s President is his hard work and positive results he brought to the business. The company had experienced a high percentage of successful growth that led to Troy being promoted to be the firm’s President. A lot of the other employee agreed with this decision considering he was able to do great things when he was not in any leadership position. He was able to join the enterprise through its affiliate company USHAELTH Advisory LLC where he was the President and CEO.

Under the leadership of Troy, the USHAELTH Advisory was able to experience massive record breaking sales annually. This was achieved through Troy making use of his expertise in managing the firm’s capital efficiently and effectively. According to Ben Cutler, the USHEALTH Group’s CEO and Chairman, he argues that Ben has brought his experience and expertise in the company. He continues to say that with the help of Troy’s know-how, McQuagge has been able to take the company to greater heights. This is evident because USHEALTH Group Inc was recently named the winners of the Gold Winner in the One Planet Award. The One Planet Award is a global award that aims at honoring professionals who have executed excellence in what they do. The award applies to all organizations including public and private organizations, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, small and big business among others.

This award acted as a boost for Troy to continue offering his expertise to the firm. It was a very great honor for his work to be recognized as every individual wanted to be patted on the back and told, “Good Work.” Troy always argues that his success has always been achieved with the help of the entire working force in the USHAELTH Group Inc. Through aiming at finding solutions to all the issues facing the healthcare industry, the enterprise was able to become successful.

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USHEALTH Group Demonstrates Commitment to Serving Customers with the Best Insurance Solutions

Strategically positioned in Fort Worth, Texas, the premier USHEALTH Group wishes to be America’s reliable option for healthcare. Thus, this insurance hub specializes in matching small business owners, employed individuals, families, and self-employed people with innovative health insurance programs. The firm has maintained its legacy of offering affordable care plans for over half a century. It has built its client base to the tune of 15 million individuals.

Commitment to mission and vision

USHEALTH Group has remained vocal in the health insurance sector due to its resolute commitment to its mission of keeping its clients safe from financial calamity triggered by unpredicted illness or injury. In simple words, the firm offers peace of mind by ensuring that its insurance coverage keeps the promise of financial security. The vision of this health insurance heavyweight is to come up with a trusted health insurance firm in America, focused on delivering unrivaled service and value to its clients. The company seeks to be the insurance organization of choice for all its agents, workers, customers, investors, and other stakeholders.


USHEALTH has won some of the most coveted business accolades year after year. Accolades like the Stevie Awards are a clear indication that exemplary performance in business does not simply happen, but must be earned. USHEALTH Group bagged the 2016 One Planet Business Excellency Awards in the Banking, Accounting, Insurance, and Finance Awards category. The annual One Planet Awards identifies organizations in every sector globally and awards them for their brilliance in business.

Why you should seek USHEALTH Group’s insurance policies

USHEALTH’s extensive product portfolio guarantees affordability and reliability. The firm is ready to help you whether you are in need of insurance cover for daily medical expenditure or require peace of mind for complex medical events. USHEALTH leverages its cumulative experience of serving millions of customers to incorporate innovation in everything it does. USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries appreciate the unique nature of the needs of different clients. Therefore, they present a broad choice of reasonably priced health insurance solutions that perfectly matches with each client’s particular situation. Experts at USHEALTH Group provide insightful information that helps customers in choosing the best solutions and contact this site.

How Whitney Wolfe Can Encourage People Who Have Been Through Break Ups and Rejections

Rejections and break ups are hard to go through. As a matter of fact, when it comes to break ups, it is hard for both parties to deal with because they have become accustomed to things being a certain way. People have to readjust to the single life. Also, it can bring a blow to the person’s sense of self worth depending on how bad the break up was. Whitney Wolfe, herself has been faced with these circumstances. However, she did not let her make her bitter. She has then decided to put together an app that makes dating easier for both men and women.

With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has made it so that women have to initiate people that they are interested in. Men in this case are handicapped. For some men, this could be the very thing that they need because the way Bumble is set up is so that men will likely get messages on their profile. This could help men that have gone through rejection. However, a break up could be a different story. For one thing, it is a different type of pain that can cause one to shy away from dating and relationships.

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Whitney Wolfe is able to help people get the support they need so that they will be able to move on and move forward with dating and relationships if they want that. It is in moving forward that they will be able to enjoy the type of relationship that they are given. If one has not managed to get over their trials, then it is going to interfere with their relationships moving forward. Fortunately, dating can be done for many different purposes which don’t include finding a relationship and getting married for life. Dating could be for going out and having fun with people.

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Insights On Investment Markets

Warren Buffet, one of the richest men around the globe has been very vocal on the issue of saving for retirement and making investments. Many renowned financial experts have joined the bandwagon, adding their weight to this vital subject.

Tim Armour, the chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, has also been vocal on the same, adding on to the focus towards this topic.

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Another point supported by both Mr. Armour and Mr. Buffett is the fact that a commitment to low-cost, simple investments over a long period could be more profitable in the long run compared to expensive funds, which in some instances shortchange investors. Mr. Buffett has been quoted severally blaming the excessive trading and high management fees for the poor long-run returns gained through funds. According to him, building a durable portfolio through rigorous analyzing of companies, and making long-term investments is the better option.

Tim agrees that the actively managed fund seems to be performing worse than the market. However, he asserts that not all funds are underperforming. His advice on choosing an investment fund is to look out for one where the fund managers have invested their money alongside other investors. Such funds more often than not outperform the markets over the long-term.

Tim Armour is the Chairman and Director at Capital Research and Management Company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College. Tim has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the finance sector, gained over a long career spanning 32 years. All his working years have been at Capital Group, making him well acquainted with the operations and running of the company.

Mr. Armour has been keen on retirement investments and savings, and this was evident during his company’s partnership with Samsung Asset Management, where he was quoted saying the partnership would cater for the Korean population’s needs regarding retirement savings.

Highland Capital Growth

Investing for the future is hard. There are many people who struggle to develop an investing plan that makes sense over the long term. If you want to start investing for the future, you need to figure out a way to do so on a plan. Highland Capital Management is an investment company that can help you plan for the future. Under the direction of James Dondero, the company has done really well over the years. A lot of people are excited about the changes that have taken place in this area over time. With all of the changes that have happened in the economy today, you need to figure out a way to take advantage of those changes. Highland Capital has proven to truly care about the lives of their clients financially. This is one of the biggest reasons why their growth level has been sustained over the years.

Highland Capital

When Highland Capital was first started, a lot of people were worried about what the company was going to do to drive growth. The Dallas area at the time was not growing, and the internet was not being used for anything. However, over the years, the Dallas area has started to grow rapidly and Highland Capital has a new online base where customers can come in and get advice on a variety of topics. If you want to start thinking about ways to make money in the future, Highland Capital can help you get to that level. A lot of people today go to the company for financial advice and budget planning.

Community Service

Over time, Highland Capital has given a lot of money to other people in the local community. Not only that, the leaders of the company are concentrating on ways to drive value in their business. Highland Capital has proven to truly care about customers over the years, and they want to help the local community in any way that they can. Education is a huge focus for the company, so they are investing their own time and money to help people in this area.

Professional Network: https://www.linkedin.com/company/highland-capital-management-l-p-

Todd Lubar’s Breakthrough

To become the best of the best in any industry, it requires a lot of hard work, determination, and effort. At the same time, it requires one to acquire as many skills as possible. Driven by the desire to become the best in the financial and real estate industries, Todd Lubar has managed to acquire a wide range of skills that include marketing, advertising, and leadership. Todd Lubar is a veteran in these two industries as he has been around since finishing college 21 years ago. Todd acknowledges that the going has been tough, but a vision of what he wants to achieve keeps him going.

Like any other young person, Todd Lubar had the dream of working for a big firm in the market. His dreams came to reality when he was offered a chance to work with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation in the year 1995, according to his Linked In. He had a lot to learn and began by knowing the basics of conservative mortgage banking. At the same time, this position offered him opportunities to meet with people from all walks of life and developed relationships with financial planners, insurance agents and even real estate agents. These people have been very important in his career as they still recommend clients for him till today. Todd took every opportunity and chance that came along. Some few years later, he switched places of work and began working with Legacy Financial Group. This acted as a God sent opportunity as he was presented with opportunities to act as a loan broker. He was presented with the opportunity of working as a direct mortgage bank. After three years with the Legacy Financial, Todd joined the real estate with a company of his own. He founded a company called Legendary Properties, and this happened to be his breakthrough in life. For more info, visit toddlubar.com

With the newly established company, Todd would concentrate on buying properties and rehabilitating them with the aim of later selling them to make some profit. Today, its many years after he established this company, he has managed to conduct over 200 transactions making him some substantial profit.

Todd deals with all entities whether small or big, individuals and even families.



Understanding Litigation with Karl Heideck

Understanding Litigation with Karl Heideck People living in a community have a lot of things in common. However, from time to time, they will disagree on many issues, and they will seek help to settle their disputes. Litigation is the commonest way to solve such issues. Examples of cases that can be solved through litigation include medical malpractice, wrongful termination of an employee as well as trespassing. While reasons causing a litigation process may differ, the aim is to get compensation in terms of money or any other equitable relief. However, before a case can be heard, there are steps that are followed so as not to waste the time of involved parties.

A litigation attorney is required to represent the plaintiff and the defendant. A defendant is a person being accused of causing the damages while the person to whom damages were implicated to is the plaintiff. Before the case can be heard in a court of law, it has to pass through several processes such as the discovery process, deposition, and settlement. After the ruling, the party that loses gets to pay court damages and have the right to appeal the case at a later date. During the ruling, the jury awards damages to the winning side.

The most experienced litigation attorney in Greater Philadelphia is Karl HeidecFor those being faced with a litigation issue at hand, they can ask for help from one of the most experienced litigation attorney in Greater Philadelphia known as Karl Heideck. Karl Heideck has been practicing since the year 2010 when he graduated from Temple University with Honors. A few years back, Karl Heideck schooled at Swarthmore College for a degree in literature. Legal writing, legal research as well as corporate law are some of his specialties. Some of the law firms that Heideck has worked with in the past include Conrad O’Brien, Pepper Hamilton, and Hire Counsel.

Karl Heideck is very active in the social media with accounts on Twitter and Instagram.