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The Climb to the Top for CEO Sam Tabar

Take a look at the climb to the top for Sam Tabar and one thing will become quite obvious, he has made his fortune the old-fashioned way. Sam Tabar has spent the majority of his career moving up the ranks in the fund management industry, and today he is looked upon as a role model in this field.

To understand the success behind the man, one just needs to dissect his resume and stand back in awe and his amazing rise in power. Sam Tabar was the head of the capital strategy department for Bank of America (Merrill Lynch). In that role, Sam Tabar provided other fund managers with some targeted introductions to everyday investors like pensions, foundations, endowments, family offices, and fund of funds. He was instrumental in consulting on legal, operations, and building front and back office teams.

Even before his rise at Bank of America, Mr. Tabar was co-head of the marketing department for Sparx Group. PMA is considered to be the largest independent fund in Asia Pacific. While at that position, Mr. Tabar managed and worked every facet of the global marketing effort.

Sam Tabar also worked as a lawyer for Schulte, Roth & Zabel as well as the firm of Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

Mr. Tabar does hold a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford and a Masters of Law from Columbia Law School. He achieved those academics with honors, then went on to become the editor of Columbia Business Law Journal. Currently, Mr. Tabar is a member of the state bar in New York.

To get an understanding of how Sam Tabar has climbed to the top of this industry, you only need look at his record and see how he was always at the ground-floor of opportunities that later went on to become global successes. Simply look at his career as a private investor to see this in action. Mr. Tabar was one of the first investors in SheThinx and Tribute. The company went on to re-invent the feminine hygiene industry by empowering women from around the globe with their social mission.  Check out more on Tabar’s career on his official website.

Norka Luque In Its Showcase Says Her Fate Is In Music

Norka says that she comes from a blessed family that is far away and is full of experiences other languages as well as life lessons and other cultures that have led to her understanding that she is fated in the music industry. She said that when she was in the country for showcasing. The United States based Venezuelan, burst into the music scene with the sole support of the producer Emilio Estefan. He presented his album the Miracle. For this kind of album, Estefan brought together a team of leading producers that were working with him at that time like the Ricardo brothers, Archie Pena, Alberto Gaitan, who were presented with the task of taking care of the arrangements in the sauce.

The thing that took the longest time was to define the genre of the music. It was a perfect fusion of rhythm, ballads, swing, rock, tropical, as well as pop music.

Norka Luque loved singing ever since she was a young child at the age of four. She has been participating unnumerous competitions about sing. After she had completed her high school education, she went to France to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She also graduated with degrees in marketing, fashion as well as curling arts. She remembers every minute that she was presented with a song, and she could feel like she needed anything to take into the music for a moment and keep n touch with her dream that burnt harder in her. She decided to join a band in France by the name Bad Moon Rising. This group acted as a learning experience where she learnt how to sing as a soloist.

It was not until four years ago when she met with the producer Emilio Estefan. This was when she had come back to the United States and started taking lessons in music when she met with him. She had no idea that he would be present and that he would be interested in his music and talent. She approached and spoke with him and gave him her music project and she was surprised that he liked the music. He ten embarked on a mission to make Norka a star with several practice sessions that made her come out with something new to learn every time she was practicing. Norka’s passion is to sing music that will have a real hope to the people that listen to the songs.

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Don Ressler: One of the Geniuses Behind One Of The Hottest New Athletic Clothe Brands

When Don Ressler and his wife noticed that their wardrobe consisted of mainly overpriced workout clothes, they realized that there was a potential for growth in the market. Ressler and his business partner, Adam Goldenberg began setting the framework for what is now known as Fabletics.

Don Ressler is currently CEO of JustFab, an e-commerce website that sells quality clothes at affordable prices via an online membership. When he and Goldenberg, realized that there was a real potential for selling athletic wear, it seemed like a natural evolution of the company.

Fabletics now brings in $150 million in annual sales for its parent company JustFab and their market share is still growing. Their secret is that since they are an e-commerce website, they don’t have to deal with the traditional costs of owning a physical store. This allows the company to offer high quality products and lower prices than their competitors.

The company has even partnered up with Kate Hudson to help increase their brand recognition and compete with industry heavy weights such as Lululemon and Nike, at less than half of the cost. Don Ressler even went so far to say that they “would put [their] pants next to Lululemon or Athleta any day”.

The brand has led to the development of new business ventures, such as FL2, an athletic brand geared towards men. The industry as a whole is set to grow to more than $100 billion by 2020, and JustFab has a unique position as an e-commerce site which will give it an edge over struggling brick-and-mortar retailers.

Consumers too seem to be getting more comfortable with shopping online, and physical businesses such as Sport’s Authority haven’t been able to adapt quickly enough to this trend. JustFab was founded in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, was designed to specifically to take advantage of this trend and has grown to bring in a total of $500 million in annual sales. The company is still receiving investment funding and now holds the coveted title of a billion dollar “Unicorn” start-up.


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