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Keith and Keely Man Giving Back to the Community

A recent article published by “Business Wire” discussed the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This annual scholarship will be awarded to one graduating senior at one of Uncommon School’s Brooklyn based high schools.

Joe Frick, from Uncommon Charter High School, who assists students as a college counselor, expressed gratitude to the Mann’s for this scholarship, that will ensure that one of the Uncommon Charter High Schools graduates will have the means to attend a four year college.
Students applying for the scholarship must write a 1,000 word essay, explaining how this scholarship will lead to graduation and having a college degree and how that will contribute to their professional goals.

Keith Mann is the president and founder of Dynamic Search Partners, which is an executive search firm specializing in finding talented individuals for the hedge fund industry and private equity industries.

Mann is a philanthropist and a proponent for education. This scholarship is proof of his commitment to his community and to the lives of the less fortunate. His efforts should be applauded. And more importantly the winners of the scholarship will have a friend, as well as a benefactor, in Mann, who has an invested and avid interest in the scholarship recipient’s future. A future that with the help of Keith Mann, should be assured.

For more than 15 years Mann has been involved in the executive search industry, where he is an acknowledged expert in hedge fund compensation, as well as, hiring and staffing practices. He began the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002, realizing that the hedge fund industry is rapidly increasing in size but has been under-served by the search community. In 2009, Mann established Dynamics Search Partners as an executive search firm dedicated to alternative investment firms. Currently Mann is the CEO and is responsible for the daily operation of the firm. He and his company work with other firms in the alternative investment industry in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Read the complete story here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

Home Cleaning And Repair Services On Demand

If you are like most homeowners or renters, then you probably have more important things to be spending your time doing than cleaning and fixing things in your apartment. Most people go to work in order to pay their bills, and when they get home from work they want to relax. Instead, we are all pulled into doing chores to keep our homes organized and in proper working condition. It is as if we are working two jobs: one to pay the bills and another to keep our places in good condition. Life is easier with Handy at your fingertips.

Handy is a company that makes it easy to find a contractor to clean your home or fix things in your home. The company has an application that is free to download. You can use their site to find a contractor in your area to help you with mostly any problem that you can think of. The contractor or cleaning professional is well qualified to assist you also. Handy has made sure of this by pre-screening each applicant, so you will be working with someone who is trustworthy and worth the time.

The Next Web wrote an article about Handy where they actually sat down to interview one of the founders of the company. In the article and interview, Oisin Hanrahan sits down with The Next Web to discuss Handy’s performance and what they have to offer consumers. Hanrahan talks about how Handy was founded and started by using $50,000 in seed money, and he discusses how the company has moved to New York City because it offers much more in ways of expanding their brand. Handy puts consumers directly in contact with a large amount of professional contractors.

Emily McClure And Her Experiment With Wen by Chaz

Many individuals have had amazing benefits when they use Wen hair products. Wen is a revolutionary type of cleaning conditioner, because it is formulated to take the place of shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, leave-in conditioners, and a deep conditioners. Wen’s cleaning conditioner cleans hair without adding harsh parabens and sulfates.

Emily McClure from The Bustle did her own personal experiment with Wen products for seven days. Emily McClure had heard many positive things about this product, so she wanted to see if the hype was true. Emily McClure was surprised by the results that she received after using Wen products for seven days. McClure was able to chronicle her use of WEN hair products from sephora day by day. The first thing that she noticed with the Wen product was that a lot of the cleansing conditioner was required. Even though she was leery of this because of her thin hair, she follow through with the instructions. The first day she noticed that her roots were greasy, but at the same time her hair was more shiny and bouncy than normal.

The results from the Wen hair cleansing conditioner changed day by day during the seven day experiment period, and some days McClure would notice that her hair got flatter than other days. Some of McClure’s friends gave her a compliment on her hair which was a great boost to her confidence. After seven days, Emily McClure came to believe that WEN hair conditioner really is a great product for individuals that have fine hair. It is best used every morning, and if a person lets more time go, it may look great right after the shower, but hair can become greasy and unmanageable if one or two days are skipped. McClure believes that this is a product that she can definitely keep in her shower when she wants to have hair that is shiny and bouncy.

Visit their website : http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html


Argentina Has Perked Investors’ Interest According To Highland Capital’s President James Dondero

Argentina is an amazing country. It should be one of those emerging countries that helps fuel the global economy. Argentina has all the ingredients to make that happen, but for decades the country has been its own economic enemy. Years of Peronist type government controls turned the country into a debt ridden lump of empty promises and missed loan payments. According to CEO James Dondero, Argentina was off limits to hedge funds except for two that lost their shirt buying Argentinian bonds.

Dondero is a well-respected hedge fund investor that has more than 30 years of experience in the investment industry. He founded Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada in 1992, and almost immediately, the men developed an impressive portfolio. Today, Highland Capital manages more than $19 billion in assets in the technology, energy, healthcare and consumer driven sectors of the investment industry. Dondero is considered an expert in analyzing the intricacies that exist in foreign markets, and his knowledge has made Highland Capital’s Global Funds very successful.

Bloomberg.com published an article about Highland Capital recently that highlighted Dondero’s decision to invest in Argentina’s debt. Investing in Argentina was a new venture for Highland Capital in 2014, but the company decided the risk was worth it. The old government was crumbling, and Dondero wanted to get in on the ground floor of a new administration. When Mauricio Marci was named president in 2015, Dondero realized that Argentina finally had a chance to show the world its economic talents if the new president could restructure the debt that plagued the country for years.

President Marci didn’t waste any time. He restructured the old debt by issuing new bonds with attractive yields. He also announced a $12 billion bond program that would begin in April 2016. Dondero was one of the first hedge fund managers to opt into that program, and not in a small way. Highland Capital is allocating a large portion of its Global funds to the Argentina bond program. Marci also made some important internal changes that will help the country get out the recession that has taken a toll on the entire population.

Some outsiders say Argentina is moving too fast, and should wait and see if Macri’s changes and bond proposal works. But investors like James Dondero already sees signs that Argentina is going to pull out of their economic contraction mode and be an important part of the global economy.

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Koch Brothers Start a Family Office to Manage their Estate

The Koch brothers’ fortune can be traced back to 1888 when their grandfather Hotze “Harry” Koch landed in America and started prospecting for wealth. The Koch brothers are establishing a distinct wealth management Family office that will oversee, manage and invest the family fortune. The investment firm otherwise labeled 1888 Management LLC was first registered in Delaware but has since been foreign qualified to operate in the states of California, Florida and Kansas. Estimating what will be managed by the family office will be pure speculation but a source associated with the office has put the figure around $ 2 billion.

The Family office has already appointed Trent May to head and oversee its operations. Trent May has being described as a financial wizard having turned round the Fortunes of the Wyoming Retirement System after its fall during the financial crisis of 2008. The $ 6 billion retirement scheme made a whopping 23% increases in returns and continued to rise. Trent has been positively credited by Thomas Williams the director of Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System and Laura Ladd the Chair Woman of Wyoming Retirement System.

X5 OpCo LLC a telecommunication company has also been sighted by 1888 LLC. Its board consists of 3 executives Richard Dinkel, Steven Feilmeier and David May. Other than the 3 members it has Koch family representation in the form of David H. Koch, Anna B. Koch and Elizabeth b. Koch.

Charles Koch has criticized the American criminal system calling it overly punitive. He draws his experience form civil suits in which he has more defended his employees rather than leave them out in the cold. This has led him to fund advocacy groups that advance the rights and provide representation for minority groups and the poor in order to reform the justice sector. Charles Koch is interested in social advancement and mutual well being. His beliefs are some of the pillars in which the Vast Koch Empire is based on and might be one of the reasons that have made the Koch industries prosper.

This article recapped http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-15/the-billionaire-koch-brothers-have-a-hot-new-number-1888

Autism Research And Sanjay Shah’s Benevolence

Autism is indeed a spectrum disorder as it affects nearly every person differently. The spectrum is quite wide, with some being far more affected than others, with others having such mild symptoms, they are nearly off the spectrum. With that in mind, it is no wonder in May 2013 all autism disorders were merged under one umbrella called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Previously they had been compiled under the aegis of 4 or 5 subcategories. This condition is associated with intellectual disabilities, difficulties in motor coordination, as well as physical health issues and difficulties in establishing and maintaining relationships. To this point, it is an enigmatic condition with very troubling afflictions, and the more money that is spent researching this condition is money that is indeed well-spent.

It is wonderful when we see very successful people like Sanjay Shah, a British millionaire who stages private concerts around the world, who has made autism a focus of his charitable contributing. Most unfortunately Mr. Shah’s youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism, but Mr. Shah has been philanthropic throughout his career. If his son had not been diagnosed with autism, he would have likely still given to this very worthy cause, but with his son’s diagnosis, one can only imagine supporting autism it is a little more near-and-dear to his heart now.

Over the years, Sanjay Shah has been donating to Plan International, and what they do is accept donations and allocate them to worthy causes. Mr. Shah had no control over where his money went, but he just knew it was going to charitable causes, but now he donates directly through his the charity he created, “Autism Rocks.”

Sanjay Shah is a retired trader, at just 43 years old, and worked for such venerated financial institutions like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Previous to his work in the financial industry, he studied medicine, before deciding to become an accountant. Eventually he found his way into the investment banking and trading world.

Success would be an otherwise empty feat if one was not to exercise at least a modicum of altruism through supporting worthy causes. Sanjay Shah fully embraces this notion, and autism research will certainly benefit from his continued contributions.

Experience the Difference WEN by Chaz can Make

A recent post by a young woman followed her daily experience as she tried a new hair care product on her fine hair. The young woman had issues with her hair being fine and thin, so she was looking for a product that would add some bounce and shine. She decided to try WEN hair product to see how it would change the overall condition of her hair. The post goes through her daily experience as she uses the cleansing shampoo from Wen hair. She did find the product made her hair soft and shiny, as well as more manageable. Throughout her week long experience using Wen hair by Chaz Dean, she discovered the product worked best when she used it every day.

A Complete Line of Hair Care Products

The WEN hair cleansing shampoo is just one of several haircare products developed by Chaz Dean. The shampoo is available in a few different formulas to address the different issues people have with their hair. In addition to adding body and shine to fine hair, these products can also get rid of frizz and add moisture into dry hair. The products are made with ingredients that help nourish the hair as it cleans. These products are also created to leave hair more manageable because they do not strip any of the hair’s essential oils.

In addition to the cleansing shampoo, the WEN by Chaz line also includes a nourishing mousse. This sephora sold product can be used in combination with the shampoo to help repair damaged hair. The natural plant extracts gently condition as they repair, leaving hair with more volume and shine. For those individuals who have unruly hair with a tendency to frizz, the WEN anti-frizz styling crème can help. Not only will this product reduce the amount of frizz it will also strengthen the hair to reduce the amount of breakage.


The Incredible Expansion of FreedomPop

In the telecommunications industry, there are industry leaders who dwarf many of the smaller providers who try to stand out in the market. This leaves cellphone users with few options for carriers that will give them great service. However, there are still some companies that are continually expanding and giving the larger cell phone providers a run for their money. FreedomPop is a perfect example of a service provider that is only growing bigger each year. This is due to their amazing services that are very affordable for their customers. This international cell phone carrier is quickly moving forward to be an industry giant in the mobile telecommunications industry.

This has greatly helped their expansion efforts. FreedomPop is currently running off of the Sprint network which allows them to have very reliable coverage worldwide. These infusions of cash from venture capital firms have also allowed FreedomPop to stay independent. It will be exciting to see both the domestic and international expansion of FreedomPop over the coming years.

To read the original article from RCR Wireless, please follow this link here.

Setting the Record Straight: The Koch Brothers

We can survive happily even in a society that often misinterprets what we do and how we are. It is not our duty to let people know what kind of people we are. There are reasons however that may drive us to set the record straight. The Koch brothers found themselves in this very situation. Charles and David Koch often referred to as the Koch brothers entered the limelight in 2010 after the Dark Money book revealed some facts(and misrepresentations) of their role in politics. With politics comes great controversy. Journalists took this opportunity to spread the word that the billionaire brothers were running an anti-Obama campaign that trashed all the work he was supporting. The media coverage, though negative, worked in their favor thrusting them into the limelight even further. The Republicans are no longer silent actors in the political scene.

The Koch brothers are multi-billionaires associated with the Republican Party. To set the record straight, they informed the journalist for The Bill Moyers website that the Koch movement is not a reaction to Obama’s presidency. They have been on the political scene for many years and are not pegging their political hopes on their ability to trash Obama’s presidency. To clarify further, they are sole partners in the Charles Koch project and have no invisible donors. The Koch network also does not scatter money to conservative groups. Lastly, they stated that they are a not a virtual US third political party.

Charles Koch is a wealthy American businessman and philanthropist. He is the CEO, Chairman, and co-owner of the Koch Industries while his brother acts as the vice president of the company. The brothers own 42% each of the shares in this company.

Charles has written two books, The Science of Success and Good Profit. As a philanthropist, Koch supports the Republican Party and libertarian movements. He also funds market-oriented educational groups such as Mercatus Center and the Institute for Humane Studies.

This article recapped http://billmoyers.com/story/five-myths-about-the-koch-network-and-why-it-matters-to-set-them-straight/

Keith Mann Helping Needy Students Transform their University Education Dreams into a Reality

During a press release published on Business Wire, Keith Mann the CEO of Dynamics Partners publicized the launch of a Professional Achievement Scholarship called Keith and Keely Mann. The scholarship will serve as an award to young business leaders who are transforming the investment sector through inventing new ideas. Keith and Keely Mann will collaborate with Uncommon Schools, which is a non-profit organization that specializes in charter management. The organization is headquartered in New York City and it will play the role of awarding scholarship opportunity to one graduating senior from high schools in Brooklyn every year.

Joe Frick appreciated Keith and Keenly Mann for the implementation of the scholarship program at Uncommon Charter High School. The scholarship will enable a graduating student to pursue a four-year college education free of charge.

The applicants are supposed to write an easy of 1,000 words about how the college degree will help them achieve their career goals. Additionally, they are supposed to have achieved quality grades in the high school examination.

Mann is an active philanthropist who supports education causes. He is aiming at identifying strong leaders and connecting them with established companies to grow their talents. Together with Uncommon Schools, Keith Mann aims at helping needy schools to realize their university education dream.

Keith Mann is the Founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, a firm that specializes in identifying alternative investment opportunities for clients. The firm has more than ten years of experience, and it has established a connection in various industries. The firm was formerly called Dynamics Executive Search when Mann established it in 2002. Dynamic Search Partners works with other firms present in the alternative investment industry across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Apart from his managerial duties, Keith Mann uses his extensive industry expertise to advise the firm on important issues. When he is not busy in the office closing deals, Mann is either writing or engaging in activities that support animal causes.

This article recapped http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement