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HRF Focused: Seeks Relief For Jailed Journalist – Organization Needed Now More Than Ever

Human Rights Foundation HRF is no stranger to world news organizations like the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Economists, CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera. That’s because HFR advocates for Journalists rights around the globe; fights for their right and freedom to go wherever and to report and disseminate their stories to the world, and HFR fights for them when they are obstructed in doing so, which includes fighting for their release when jailed. Such is the case of Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abdel Shakour Abou Zeid Attitallah, who has been held in prison for nearly four years; restricted for a time to solitary confinement, and denied medicines. According to the United Nations office of the High Commissioner, Mr. Zeid, aka Shawkan was arrested while covering a story on the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, in 2013. His first trial, may come up in late March, it had been scheduled previously on February 5th. Mr. Zeid, among other things, was charged with “committing acts of terrorism” and “harming national unity,” according to the UN’s High Commissioners Office.

Meantime HFR has partnered with American University’s Law School and filed a complaint/petition to the U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, as well as the Impact Litigation Project at AU’s Washington College of Law; to take action. “We ask the Working Group to determine Mr. Zeid’s detention to be arbitrary and call on the Egyptian regime to immediately release him, said HRF President Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen, who founded the Human Rights Foundation, began his human rights advocacy journey, in 1989, in London, as an organizer against South Africa’s Apartheid regime. It’s important to note, as well that Halvorssen’ s father, an ambassador was falsely arrested, imprisoned and tortured in a Venezuelan jail, in 1993.  She was among the wounded; one person died . . . So, Thor Halvorssen and HFR are keenly aware of the importance and profoundly invested in human rights for all.

Investment Banking at a Glance

After watching The Wolf on Wall Street, it’s not surprising that the life of an investment banker is one that many seek. From the high-end financial deals to the luxury lifestyle, it seems investment bankers have it all. From the New York Stock Exchange to small businesses, investment bankers play an important role.

An investment banker wears many different hats during a typical day. For example, they may participate in raising capital for corporation mergers, or they may be involved with the underwriting process. Investment bankers are also able provide financial guidance to both major corporations and small business owners.

In addition, investment bankers handle the accounts of others who are looking to invest for their future. With their expertise, they are able to guide their clients through the investment process. Business valuation and pricing and negotiation of financial transactions are only a few the responsibilities investment bankers are involved in during a typical work day.

Martin Lustgarten is a highly successful investment banker currently residing in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Founder and CEO of Lustgarten Investment Banking, he has helped hundred of satisifed clients invest their money and prepare for their future.

Martin Lustgarten’s financial expertise has afforded him the opportunity build his corporation from the ground up. He knows that the evolution of banking is far from over, and he intends to play a major role in the ever-changing world of investment banking.

Within a capitalist economy, investment bankers are financial advisers who price capital and then allocate the funds for appropriate use. Find Martin Lustgarten on Facebook for more news and information.

Doe knows what goes. And it’s the rules that should go!

Fashion tends to be circular, what was once old is new again. But what if you, like Doe Deere, want to embrace what never was fashionable? Doe is the quirky sidekick you want to meet for coffee, and as soon as you arrive you would feel frumpy and plain no matter what you were wearing. She is full of sparkling fashionista advice that she wears on her lime green sleeve. She wants the best from everyone, calling her own mother a babe. Doe is your go to woman if you need to know what color of shirt most matches your newly dyed teal hair: Marigold Yellow. Doe knows.

While marching to the beat of a different drummer, wearing fun socks and peep toe heels of course, Doe Deere speaks her own language. Grandma Chic. Makeup for Unicorns. She makes you want to join this “be yourself” movement of stripes and plaids, bold lips and eyes, there seems no rule that isn’t better off being broken by Doe. Color coordination is more than matching your shoes to your purse. It brings together your hair, makeup and outfit, with or without matching shoes. This article takes the pressure off of the rules. Sometimes it seems easier to wear black, until one day you realize that it is the main staple of your wardrobe. Let all that out the window, rules are made to be broken.

Self-Made magazine named Doe Deere as one of the top inspiring female entrepreneurs. Doe Deere is a Russian born, and always evolving. She reads books. She thanks her husband for teamwork, that partnership evolved too, as they were once in a rock band together. Doe reminds us that if we love it, we should wear it, whether it is sparkly miniskirts or evening gowns while checking off your grocery list. Tidy and neutral is rule of the past.

QNet Offers Support With Generous Contribution

Generosity for the Chennai flood victims

QNET has shown their support and generosity to the Chennai flood victims who are in great need. QNET is a direct selling leader. This is a company that is a pioneer in e-commerce. The donation has been announced and QNET is contributing Rs.75 Lakhs. This greatly appreciated gift and contribution is going to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

QNET and We Care

WE CARE is an initiative of QNET. This is an India CSR initiative. This generous donation had been made under the CSR initiative. It had been handed over in the company of Mr. T Srinvas Yadav. He is the Minister for Commercial Taxes and Cinematography, State of Telangana.

A Theme Dedicated to Chennai Flood Relief

The awards had been held with a clear purpose. This was held in order to pay tribute to South Indian Talent. This is llFA Utsavam and it is the very first of this particular ceremony that honours the veterans and the younger talents. This is being held for the first time in Hyderabad. The entire Indian film industry has offered 100 percent support for this theme that will help the victims of the flood to recover.

QNET Believes in Wellness

QNET is an e-commerce company that does believe in promoting wellness.

This company strives to enrich lives on a global basis through this direct selling company. The products that they offer to customers do in every way reflect their belief in wellness.

Learn more about Qnet by liking their Facebook page or following them on Instagram.

Sam Tabar: Finding the Right Investors

When examining investors who put their money into hedge funds, several important points come to mind. In addition to having a high net worth, they are also people who don’t mind taking a calculated risk in the hope of getting a substantial return on their investment. However, when it comes to companies attempting to find these investors, the task can often be much harder than anticipated. For any financial services firm to succeed, there needs to be a strategic plan in place to find these investors. Within the industry, Sam Tabar has proven himself to be one of the most qualified and respected professionals when it comes to finding the right investors at the right time.

With Sam’s background as an attorney and financial advisor, he has proven himself to be one of the best financial minds within the industry. After his graduation from Oxford University and Columbia Law School, Sam found himself trying to decide which career path to pursue. After much thought and discussion, Sam decided to enter the world of law. Serving as legal counsel for various firms, he specialized in hedge fund formation as well as investment management agreements, working with clients on a daily basis to ensure any contracts and agreements were in compliance with current rules and regulations. Also specializing in employment law, about.me shows Sam worked with a number of high finance firms to answer questions regarding various employment questions that may have arisen from time to time.

However, after several years serving as legal counsel, Sam decided to forego his legal career and begin anew as the Head of Business Management and Development for PMA Investment Advisors. In this position, he was able to use his skills to focus on global marketing and developing cutting-edge strategic plans that could be implemented with clients around the world. Specializing in plans that were tailor-made for numerous Asian nations, Sam made many trips to Hong Kong and other major cities to meet with investors, executives, and economists to finalize deals and discuss new and exciting strategies for future planning.

As his abilities and reputation grew within the industry, Sam was put in charge of many major hedge fund accounts along the way. One of the biggest was at PMA, where he managed a fund worth well over $2 billion. Working with investors and financial professionals around the world, Sam implemented his marketing and investment strategies over the course of time and eventually helped the fund grow immensely.

Continuing on the path to greatness, Sam’s career will undoubtedly be one that will be held in high regard within the industry.  That’s why he’s currently sitting as the CEO of Full Cycle Fund.

Securus Technologies Challenges GTL Over Technology Capabilties

 Securus Technologies, publicly released a statement challenging industry competitor GTL to be subjected to evaluation by am impartial arbitrator to establish whether Securus Technologies or GTL provides the largest array of contemporary and technologically advanced telecommunications products, such a telephone, video and email services.

“GTL has used litigation to try to say that their technology and customer service are comparable to ours,” commented Securus Technologies Chief Executive Officer Richard A. Smith, “So I want an independent judge to evaluate both product sets, both calling platforms, and both customer service models it really isn’t a fair comparison to GTL because of what we have invested here at Securus in the last three (3) years.”

Securus Technologies indicated that they have invested heavily towards establishing themselves as an industry leader with the purchase of other sector firms, the acquisition of promising technology, as well as accelerating research development and the dedication of a contemporary technology campus and client services center.

Securus Technologies was established in Dallas, Texas in 1986 and has regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Allen, Texas; and Carrollton, Texas. It has more than a quarter of a century of experience in the correctional facilities sector, serving nearly 3500 corrections, law and public safety agencies across in 45 states.

Bell has an impressive track record, graduating from Holy Cross in Providence, Rhode Island and continued his education at the Kellogg School of Management and Wharton School of Business. His professional experience was earned at At&T, NTT Verio, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon.

Kevin Seawright Shining a Path for Small Businesses to Follow

CrunchBase shows pretty clearly how Kevin Seawright has risen up the financial industry career ladder to become not only the Chief Financial Officer but also the Senior Vice President for the Economic Development Corporation for Newark Community. In an interview with Dhiren Shah, Seawright explained the role and position of the corporation in financing small and medium businesses.

Origin of Newark Community EDC

The corporation was rebranded from Brick City Development Corporation because it wanted to get a wider scope of operation. The aim was to serve the whole city of Newark by providing business loans to small businesses at affordable interest rates.

Helping new startups

The EDC employs a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable staff that helps new startups and small businesses sustain their operations and survive in the market. Their loan specialist, Lexie Demirali, is always available to help businesses that seek assistance from the corporation. In addition, further assistance offered include advice on handling finances, credit reporting and tax returns. Since inception the corporation has provided assistance to 53 new businesses resulting to 88 new hires.
Source of funding

The EDC partners with other local financial institutions such as banks and other EDCs operating in the city. They also work closely with SBA. The corporation offers loans up to $25,000 for small businesses while anything above this amount is sourced from other financial partners.

Kevin seawright and the newark community economic development corporation from Kevin Seawright

Human resource at Newark Community EDC

The staff of the corporation is undeniably one of their biggest assets. It is dedicated to helping the community by sourcing for new businesses, offering incubator classes and providing other assistance like financial advice. Additionally, each ward is allotted two staff members to help people at the community level.

Challenges businesses face

Seawright reiterated to WorldClassMagazines that the biggest challenges many businesses face is the poor filling of business taxes and poor credit scores. The minimums score required to take a loan from the corporation is 650.

About Kevin Seawright

Seawright has a 13 year experience in the financial sector working in various capacities throughout his illustrious career. He has worked for various local government agencies in different financial capacities. His vast experiences include working in different sectors like real estate, education, housing as well as small business development. This has made him the perfect fit for the Newark Community EDC.  Kevin Seawright is active on social media, find him on Twitter.

Freedom Pop Gone Global

FreedomPop is going global offering it’s new hotspot and sim around the world. FreedomPop is a mobile start up company based out of the Los Angeles area. The company is now connecting to cellular networks outside of the US,which will allow users across the world to have one data connection. This service will help data users that run out of the data on their plans to still have the ability to access the internet on mobile devices across the world.

They also want to break into the market in Asia and Latin America.

The hotspots current price is $49.99 but will eventually go up to $99.99 in the near future. The sim card is an additional $10.00. The free global plan offers 200MB data and can connect to any mobile device. FreedomPop has raised over $50 million to help launch this global expansion. Securing this financing assures Freedom Pop will be a major player in the market place. Freedom Pop’s COO and co-founder Steve Sesar believes with financing in place the company is in position to stand amongst the leaders in global service providers.  Global Pop intends to be a household name in the near future.