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Charles Koch and Bloomberg Talk Colleges

Charles Koch and former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg published a joint op-ed to university students urging them to uphold free speech and tolerant to independent thought. Controversial ideas are crucial to college education. In the article, they further advised the students to be stop being stifling to free speech and pampering prejudice as it gets in the way of human happiness and progress.

Withdrawal invites of controversial speakers Koch and Bloomberg say it results in a climate of intellectual conformity. This in turn hinders, true learning, debate and also discourages open inquiry. The freedom of expression they said could only exist if the freedom to offend exist.

The shielding of students by colleges has increased to protect them from being offended or causing them any discomfort. Charles Koch and Mr. Bloomberg believes that this intolerance is a barrier to a free democratic society.

The two urged college administrators to look read the University of Chicago Statements on Principles on Free Expression, which upholds the commitment to the First Amendment as a reference point.

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