Charles Koch and Bloomberg Talk Colleges

Charles Koch and former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg published a joint op-ed to university students urging them to uphold free speech and tolerant to independent thought. Controversial ideas are crucial to college education. In the article, they further advised the students to be stop being stifling to free speech and pampering prejudice as it gets in the way of human happiness and progress.

Withdrawal invites of controversial speakers Koch and Bloomberg say it results in a climate of intellectual conformity. This in turn hinders, true learning, debate and also discourages open inquiry. The freedom of expression they said could only exist if the freedom to offend exist.

The shielding of students by colleges has increased to protect them from being offended or causing them any discomfort. Charles Koch and Mr. Bloomberg believes that this intolerance is a barrier to a free democratic society.

The two urged college administrators to look read the University of Chicago Statements on Principles on Free Expression, which upholds the commitment to the First Amendment as a reference point.

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Newark Looks to New Growth

Many cities across the United States were hit hard when the economy crashed in 2008. Some recovered quickly, others took longer. Newark, NJ, is one city that is definitely on the mend after a tough go of it during the economic meltdown and its aftermath. Today, there is talk of new development in the area, and one project in particular is bringing on extra excitement.

The Beach at South Inlet is a high-end development that is now showing more signs of life, as Shaq O’Neill, who is partnering with veteran real estate developer Wasseem Boraie, is in talks with the Casino Redevelopment Authority to review the project.

The History of The Beach at South Inlet

This project was first proposed in 2013, and the development group received a $30 million loan to proceed. The shakiness of the economy in the area, however, had an impact, as two casinos, The Revel and The Showboat, both closed. Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal was also showing signs of extreme stress at the time as well, and in response to all of that, the CRA decided to pull back on the project.

Now, however, the CRA is considering an extension on the loan to give them time to review the current situation in the area. It’s Boraie’s hope that plans will go forward. In his view, the time is right for a revitalization of the area.

Boraie’s View

Borarie comes to the development with a wealth of experience in real estate. In a recent statement at the Newark CRE Summit, Boraie observed that the city has had a history of putting a lot of money around single developments. Those types of projects are not likely to do all that is needed to revitalize an area, he said. What is really needed is several projects launching all at the same time.

Right now there are at least ten significant building projects underway in the city, and Boraie contends that this breadth of activity will help all of the projects succeed. The other aspect of the conversation is that the economy has come a long way since 2008, and now is the time to really get things moving.

Only time will tell how things pan out with The Beach at South Inlet development, but if Wasseem Boraie has his way, all will go very well.


Doe Deere and Lime Crime: A Millennial Match


You may not realize it, but you’ve probably seen a unicorn before, in the flesh. That’s because the term “unicorn” is related to the term “unicornis”, which is related to the term “bicornis”. “Uni”, denoting “one”, and “bi”, denoting “two”. “Unicornis” means single-horned, “bicornis” means two-horned. These terms originally described different kinds of rhinoceros over 200 years ago, around the time the King James Bible was published. Since then, the term has grown to mean a horse of white (or black, depending) who has a glorious horn sticking from the middle of his (or her) head. Usually rainbows are involved either in the tail, or the path upon which the unicorn gallops. That’s quite a difference from the “bicornis”/”unicornis” of the past, isn’t it? But then, so are the vibrant shades surrounding the modern unicorn. This ideal is replete with neon shades that have a mental flavor to them whose difference is that between rainbow sherbet and Neapolitan. They’ve both got colors (horns), but one is just so much more vibrant and interesting than the other. And that would be the rainbow sherbet, or the modern incarnation of the unicorn complete with its neon colors and futuristic edge.

It is this difference which defines Doe Deere, a fashionista from New York now working and living in Los Angeles. Originally born in Russia, and sporting a cotton-candy pink hairdo that you can’t miss, it’s Doe Deere‘s prerogative to provide the modern woman with fashion that feels right in the moment. She doesn’t look at cosmetics as a means of covering blemishes or flaws, she looks at it as a means of self-expression.

Her cosmetic line began with several self-made dresses in 2002. These were under the Lime Crime brand, which currently defines her modern cosmetic output. The dresses didn’t quite take off as well as her later cosmetic line would, which may have been the reason her and her husband formed Sky Salt, a band that worked in the Los Angeles area for four years.

By 2008, Doe Deere had found herself enough to found Lime Crime cosmetics. The name comes from one of her favorite shades of green. It’s so vibrant “it ought to be illegal”, says Doe Deere. Colors like that, of a vibrant difference to older colors which is as stratified as that gap between a modern unicorn and a rhinoceros, are what define Lime Crime, and what have endeared the cosmetic line to modern buyers.

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Stephen P.Murray: Busibessman, Husband, Parent, And Philanthropist

Stephen P. Murray was a financial analyst, private equity investor, philanthropist, and founding president and CEO of the powerful financial services company CCMP. He was also a husband and father of four lovely children. Born on 2nd of August 1962, Steve Murray attended Boston College.

Stephen Murray graduated in 1984 with a bachelors degree in Economics. At that point he made a decision that would have a profound impact on his life. He enrolled in the credit analyst training program that was being offered at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. His natural intelligence and experience he gained led him to become CEO of one of the world’s top financial services companies.
While working with Manufacturers Hanover, Murray attended Columbia Business School. When he graduated with his MBA in 1989, Murray was offered a position with MH Equity Corporation. MH Equity Corporation handled the leveraged finance and private equity sections of Manufacturers Hanover. Two years later, Manufacturers Hanover was bought by Chemical Bank and Murray’s division became known as Chemical Venture Partners.

The name of Stephen Murray’s financial services division changed again when Chemical Bank became part of the Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1996. The new name was Chase Capital Partners. In 2000 J.P. Morgan joined the Chase Group and the name of Murray’s department was changed again. It became JP Morgan Partners. When CCMP was pun off into an independent company, Steven Murray was named president and CEO.

Stephen Murray was a very experienced, knowledgeable, and giving man. That loved showed in the way a treated his wife and children. It is also revealed in his willingness to help numerous courses, charities, and organizations. In fact, Murray’s work as a philanthropist is legendary. He worked diligently with metro New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank, and the Stamford Museum. He also gave his time and talent to Columbia Business School. Stephen Murray was also Boston College Board of Trustee’s vice president.

RYVoice reported that The influence of Stephen Murray spread much further than that. He had an impact on the development and growth of a number of companies that ae very popular today. One way Murray did that was to take a position of the board of those companies. Some of the companies on whose boards Murray served include:

AMC Entertainment
Generac Power Systems
Legacy Hospital Partners
Pinnacle Foods
The Vitamin Shoppe
Warner Chilcott

Stephen Murray died in 2013 at age 53.

Podcast Reveals The Secrets To The Success Of Sanjay Shah

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sanjay Shah was recently the subject of an interview with the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio where he discussed his work as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Shah was keen to discuss the success he has found as the founder of Solo Capital and as the head of the Autism Rocks charity that is looking to take a further step forward with a 2016 music festival.

Sanjay Shah is the latest entrepreneur to discuss his work with host Eric Dye and offer advice for those looking to follow his lead in becoming successful business owners; the advice and personal experiences were of the highest quality during the interview, which gave Sanjay Shah the chance to explain a little of his own story along with the key lessons he learned during his own entrepreneurial journey. One of the pieces of advice Shah was most keen to provide regarded the level of funding an entrepreneur requires for their planned business, which Shah explained was often higher than most business owners expected. Secondly, Shah also explained the ability to relinquish specific tasks is key to becoming a successful business owner as the chance to delegate is key to finding financial success.

Sanjay Shah did not take the easy route to becoming a successful financial expert, instead he began his studies as a medical student before turning his attention to investing. After spending the majority of his career working with some of the world’s most famous brokerages Shah decided the time had come to spend more time with his family following the 2008 economic collapse. Shah eventually settled with his family in Dubai and established his own investment company in the form of Solo Capital, which is headquartered in London.

Despite the success Shah has achieved in the financial industry he remains best known for his work with the Autism Rocks charity he established following the diagnosis of his own son with the neurological condition. Sanjay Shah looks to help families affected by autism through the charity by finding the best ways to diagnose the condition as early as possible in life.

Bustle Blogger Affirms Wen By Chaz

Every day women around the world began talking about Wen. It’s a popular hair products brand that has been top rated by professionals for many years.
We have all heard about the company behind wen By Chaz and I decided to try my luck at the product. I mean what girl doesn’t want gorgeous hair like those in the television commercials and Youtube ads ( who are always tossing their hair form left to right.

If you haven’t seen the commercial it is a supported product that promotes that it’s product is an all in one shampoo, conditioner and treatment. It works well for all types of hair if you use the right product. When I decided to give this product a try I chose the Fig version and wanted to see if would make my hair bounce like the women on television.

I was amazed when I noticed that the product was working wonders on my hair. My hair was typically super thin but after using this product my hair seemed to come to life.

WEN by Chaz is a life saver for those women with fine hair like me and who actually take the time to wash and style their hair daily.

WEN cleansing conditioners from continues to give women across the world great hair that they can rant and rave about for year and years to come. I can now say I am one of those women.

It is a unique approach that Chaz has created that keeps women wanting more.It feels great that I can recommend one product to all my friends who are different races, have different hair or come from different backgrounds. The transformation is always fun and exciting to watch and I love to see my friend’s eyes light up after trying the Guthy-Renker reviewed product that alone make it all worth while.

Hedge Fund Kyle Bass Wants To Stop Drug Companies From Charging The Public Ridiculous Prices On Life-Saving Drugs

If the name Kyle Bass doesn’t ring a bell that sends question marks into the air then something is wrong. Kyle Bass is the Dallas-based hedge fund investor that has earned billions betting on risky deals. His first and most famous bet was the 2008 bet that the market was going to have a meltdown. Bass made almost $600 million on that bet, and he became an overnight investment superstar. Bass was an executive with Bear Stearns back then and his small investment Firm, Hayman Capital Management, wasn’t on anyone’s investment radar. But when Bass went against the tide in Wall Street, Hayman Capital Management became the investment house to turn to in the 21st century.

But the glory days are behind Hayman Capital Management. The hedge fund hasn’t been producing the kind of returns hedge fund investors expect. The hedge fund industry is under attack by several pension funds that believe the high fees that hedge fund managers like Bass charge aren’t worth the pain. But Bass isn’t bothered by the concerns of others. Usefulstooges expose that Mr. Bass has proved that the dollar takes precedence over the well-being of the public. That fact was obvious when Bass took General Motors side when the company had airbag and faulty power steering issues. Hayman Capital Management owned a sizable amount of shares in General Motors. Bass tried to protect his investment by blaming the victims that lost their lives behind the wheels of General Motor vehicles that were equipped with airbags that didn’t inflate, and power steering mechanisms that didn’t respond.

When Kyle sat down and was interviewed by recently, he talked about his coalition with Erich Spangenberg, the notorious patent troll. Bass tried to explain his position in that coalition and why he was involved in the first place. Bass said he wanted to help lower the cost of prescription drugs that were needed to prolong lives. Spangenberg’s role is to have drug companies explain why their drugs cost so much in front of the patent review board, and why those drugs shouldn’t be made by other drug companies. During that process, Hayman Capital shorts the drug company’s stock because any negative press usually lowers the value of drug company’s stock.

Some people think Bass is not concerned about the cost of the drugs as much as he is concerned about making money from his bet against the drug companies that are under investigation. Bass denies that allegation.

George Soros’ Prediction for the European Union

In recent news, George Soros, a prominent billionaire has made headlines through his warnings of how the refugee crisis is now putting the European Union into a financial crisis. George Soros argues that unless there is a massive cash injection, the European Union will soon collapse. In a new essay that was written for the New York Review of Books, Mr. George Soros claims that refugees who are 100 percent legitimate much actually be offered a chance to obtain asylum and to reach their destination in Europe. Mr. Soros also states that in order for the European Union not to collapse, he believes that the international organization on must begin surging money. This would help the European Union respond more effectively to the current crisis.

George Soros is a man who recognizes the reasons for the crisis. Many immigrants who come from the Middle East and Africa look to Europe for the strong institutions as a promise to a better life. In 2015 alone, millions of immigrants came from the Middle East and from Africa in order to escape the terror behind them. George Soros specifically states that the number of refugees that Europe can absorb each year ranges from 300,000 to 500,000. This number cannot go past one million.

As a sympathizer to this crisis, Mr. Soros believes that anyone who is truly in grave danger on from living where they lived, should be able to seek asylum. Any refugee who came from a suffering background should not be turned away. As a result, Mr. Soros also proposes that an estimated $34 billion is needed for the European Union to officially carryout this plan. Though this may seem like a lot, Mr. Soros argues that a failure to provide this amount of money would be even more detrimental to the European Union. Mr. Soros proposes that this amount of money will come from each of the 26 nation-states that are recognized within the European Union.

For the short-term, Mr. Soros believes that a surge in funding is needed. In the long-run, Mr. Soros argues that the European Union’s Multi-annual Financial Framework should be amended to include a budget for this surge. Soros specifically states that the money for this surge should come from the European Financial Stabilization Mechanism as well as the Balance of Payments Assistance Facility. This currently contains an estimated amount of $68 billion which is not being put to use as of currently.

George Soros is a highly educated individual who is not only a prominent and successful investor, but is also a political activist. Mr. Soros has been politically active around the world ever since the 1970s. His political activism began when he began funding the education of young and black individuals from South Africa to attend the University of Cape Town in the apartheid. George Soros is a passionate individual who has been speaking with an open and passionate mind for over 40 years. With this new prediction of the European Union, he has gained the attention of many European Union members.

Antique Tales Told By Michael Zomber

To have a passion for any subject can lead to great wonders. To have a passion for history can lead to the possibility for a brighter future. We can learn so much about who we are by learning about what we were, and in doing so, inform who we can be.

It is never a good idea to disregard history. There are always lessons to be learned from the past. We as human beings have the obligation to not only learn these lessons but preserve whatever can be preserved from the past. Michael Zomber has been doing his part for the better part of 40 years.

Michael Zomber has a great love for antique arms and armor, and his collection has built him a huge Facebook following. He doesn’t just buy and sell these antiques, he learns about their story. The best thing about antiques, of any kind, is the amount of work that went into making each piece in the first place. There is a story in every part of the design. Zomber really loves what he does and wanting to be knowledgeable, he researches those stories. He has written several books and has done a few interviews for the History Channel, showcasing his knowledge.

Despite all the time and energy Zomber puts into his work with antique weaponry and the history attached to them, Michael Zomber is a lover of peace. He is a supporter of many philanthropic organizations and does his best to encourage others in these pursuits. Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF are just naming a few.  Read more about him on Michael’s website.

The Charitable Work of Ross Abelow

The cold season of winter is a time when animals are left out in the cold weather with no place to shelter. It is on this basis that the long time New York City lawyer Ross Martin Abelow started a campaign that was launched at the beginning of the year on 13th January 2016 to raise $5000 to be donated to shelters so that it could take care of the animals in the streets.

The existing shelters at the moment do not have adequate capacity to take in more animals because of the logistics involved. The donations will take care of food, medical care and blankets for the helpless and vulnerable animals that the shelters will take in to their care. The goal and aim of this campaign is to raise awareness and look for support from animal and pet lovers so that the animals in the streets do not suffer from the winter which suffering may result to death.

Ross Abelow is a long-time resident of New York. He was selected to spearhead the campaign as part of his community work which he has passion for. Abelow attended Brooklyn law school and later graduated in the year 1989 after he attained his law degree. He also did his undergrad at the State University of New York. Abelow focuses his carrier on family matters with his specialization on matrimonial and family law plus entertainment and commercial litigation. He became licensed in 1990 to practice law. Abelow is a partner at the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. He brings a vast wealth of experience to the legal profession.

Thus the campaign was started with the aim of raising money for animal shelters in the New York City to take in more animals on the streets. This will ensure that shelters will have adequate cash they require to take care of the homeless animals. Through the campaign the amount raised will be channeled to financing the running of those shelters which including buying of foodstuff, blankets and vaccines.

This is a noble idea that seeks to reduce the deaths of animals and pets in New York City since most of the shelters do not have more spaces and capacity to take in more animals due to financial constraints. Thus the campaign by Abelow seeks to fund and empower shelters to take care of the suffering animals in the streets through provision of food, blankets and Medicare.